30 Day Music Challenge

Well, I will do this, but i prob would end up not finishing it halfway because i apparently have commitment problems…


Day One:Put your iPod or MP3 player on shuffle and list down the first 10 songs that pops out. 

1. Walk Away by Five Finger Death Punch

2.Meet The Monster by Five Finger Death Punch

3. Struggle Within By Metallica

4.Love in an Elevator by Aerosmith

5. Canto by Five Finger Death Punch

6. 100 Ways to Hate by FFDP

7. Silent Lucidity By Queensryche

8. For the Good Times by Elvis Presley

9. My Own Hell by FFDP

10. I’m All Shook Up by Elvis Presley

IDK why FFDP showed up so much haha but oh wells.

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