Happy Couple

This angel is Rawan, a Yemeni girl of eight. Rawan’s parents sold her to the man on the left, who needed a bride.

Pre-pubescent brides are common in the Islamic world: You-Know-Who married a girl of six, and of course he was incapable of error. Modern clerics have said that it is “never too early” to become a bride: Even a nursing infant is marriage material.

I am sorry to report that Rawan did not survive her wedding night. Repeated rapes, throughout the evening, caused massive internal bleeding from which recovery was impossible. It’s odd that the husband didn’t notice it: It’s almost as though murder was the objective.

No charges were filed against the parents or the husband. After all, this sort of thing is commonplace in countries where a woman is worth—oh, a few goats.

American feminists! I direct your attention to the patriarchy and await your fevered outrage. 







I’ve never related to anything more

college in a 17 second montage


this made my night a little better


This is me

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